16. Apr, 2021

Thanks for the feedback :-)

MENTI export taken 30 minutes ago ...

I am so happy that I did get a second feedback for my MENTI questionnaire, but as my target was 25 there are still 23 reactions to go. To get closer to the target 🤩, I did extend the expiration date for another week. Nearly 5k readers in the last week and just 2 reactions? I do understand that you guys appreciate the anonymous environment of my BLOG, but some more interaction would be nice and helpful 😉 - no pressure and you can say NO or do nothing ...

Here the direct link to access MENTI --> https://www.menti.com/27ksa3j43s - THANKS A LOT IN ADVANCE!! Idea sharing and participation via MENTI is voluntary and anonymous, so nothing to worry about!! 

Why to say no

  • Most of us tend to be supportive, when somebody is asking us for help, what means to say YES in most of the cases. YES leads to one more task for us and the requestor has one monkey less. It is much easier to say YES than NO, I assume you all would agree? If you have small kids take them as your role model, they know how to say NO 😉. Seems to be their default setting.
  • How To Nicely Say "No" (With 50 Examples)
  • When No is Better Than Saying Yes
  • Why your toddler’s “no!” phase is so important (and how to survive it)

OKR new hype

  • Times are changing: From Waterfall to Agile project management, from Individual to Team performance measurement and always new ways of goal setting. OKRs are kind of a hype topic in Agile environments, but nothing new - from 1954!!
  • A History of Objectives and Key Results (OKRs)
  • What Are OKRs? A Super Simple Explanation Of The Objectives & Key Results Management Tool
  • The ultimate OKR guide
  • SHIFTUP Vimeo: The Goals Cube

Some other material for your weekend:

  • Software Development Trends 2021: The Latest Research Data
  • The World Happiness Report 2021
  • Bias in Natural Language Processing (NLP): A Dangerous But Fixable Problem
  • No Need for the 9-5: How PwC Successfully Built a Culture of Work Flexibility
  • TED Playlist: The power of collaboration