17. Apr, 2021

More feedback coming in ...

Albert Einstein quote picture taken from INSBRIGHT page

Two more topics came in during the last 24 hours - Too many agile certificates and Agile as business - thanks a lot for sharing, will be really helpful for me 🤔👍.

The questionnaire is still available!! Here the direct link to access MENTI -->  https://www.menti.com/27ksa3j43s -    Thanks a lot in advance!! Idea sharing and participation via MENTI is voluntary and anonymous, so nothing to worry about!!  

"When we make progress and get better at something, it is inherently motivating. In order for people to make progress, they have to get feedback and information on how they're doing." -- Daniel H. Pink

Too many agile certificates

  • Getting an agile certificate requires some time and money investment, plus focused learning and some tension to pass the final testing. On the one side great and it might even be helpful to get some more salary, but on the other side when everybody has a certificate, it is nothing special anymore - as mentioned by Einstein in his quote on the picture.
  • To pass my three SHIFTUP Qualified Agility & Innovation Professional qualification levels required nearly a year of effort in a self-paced training environment. Definitely a difference to an e.g. 2 - 4 days SAFe for Teams Agile certification training with a final test in the end. Which certificate is more valuable, I don't know 😎.
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Agile as business

  • The meaning of the topic is not 100% clear to me. Making money with Agile is the business of the different companies offering the Agile certificates, as mentioned above.
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