24. Apr, 2021

Seeds of the extraordinary ...

Picture provided by Grant Snider on Incidental Comics

I hope you enjoyed the video from yesterday, if not just check it out - a lot of fun 🤩.

The picture is a perfect fit to the political situation in Germany in the moment, 5 month before the election in Sep-21. My daughter will shortly be 18 years old and is allowed to vote for the first time in a Germany wide election. Angela Merkel,  Chancellor of Germany since 2005, is the only chancellor she knows and you could easily make the assumption that this position is for women only 🙃. 

The successor candidate from Mrs. Merkel's party, two men were battling for the role, was selected in a pretty dumb process, a marketing disaster completely not customer friendly - my personal view that is shared by a lot of people. The other party of the current coalition in charge did nominate their candidate some month back, also a man, but not really a bright alternative. 

The third candidate for the chancellor position is a woman, Annalena Baerbock from  Germany’s Green Party. The party is led by two people a woman and a man. Both decided in a transparent, supportive and timely process, who will be the candidate. No fighting, no marketing disaster - all smooth and customer friendly. When the nomination was announced the other parties immediatley started to complain about the capabilities of Annalena, as she has no experience from a mayor position in a larger city, being a minister in a regional parliament or being part of the government in the past. Typical argument when you assume that you are in an inferior position - crazy times in the moment. And we still struggle with COVID-19, so the real priorities should be elsewhere.

I liked Annalena's answer a lot, I want to make a change for Germany going forward, so I have to take a different route than the traditional way of politicians. The right answer, when you want to become extraordinary out of an ordinary seed (Mrs. Merkel's 16 years in charge for Germany) and in alignment with a lot of other women, some of them still pretty young, who are leading countries successfully for several years already - Female Presidents Currently in Office.

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