25. Apr, 2021

My week 16-2021 summary

Picture provided by Quotes and Wisdom with a quote from Christine Caine

Team building starts with building the team. As mentioned in the quote, do not look for same skills, capabilities and experiences, look for the opposite to balance existing weaknesses and broaden strength. 

If you do not have the opportunity to build up the team from scratch, you have to better understand the team composition. Teaming up the right individuals can result in much more than the sum of the individual skills only. 

Just some ideas, how to get more clarity about team roles:

Had a successful week with passing the #525,252 milestone on Monday and now we are already close to #530,800, high demand and interest in the moment 😎👍. My MENTI questionnaire did not deliver any additional topics, so I will proceed with what was shared by 3 individuals in the end. Not a lot in 10+ days with a weekly reader number of 5k, but participation was voluntary and anonymous, so I will not complain 🤔.

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