2. May, 2021

The week 17-2021 highlights

Team working picture provided by European Leadership

Had a pretty successful week last week. The team building and OKR preparation workshop did run pretty smoothly, even in a 100% virtual setup. All participants have been happy with the mixture of get-to-know-each-other topics and working out the OKR's for the new fiscal year in 2 breakout sessions bottom-up.

Next task is now to use the current momentum to finish the collected material and come to a consolidated list of OKR's for the coming three month. Always interesting to see, how you can surprise and motivate highly professional experts with simple games and ideas 😎. Hopefully the next team building session can happen face-to-face again? We missed the coffee break small-talk and having a nice drink after the official agenda part.

Then the 40th anniversary yesterday and fixing the laptop of my daughter "against all odds" - I like the part here reusing an official film title 🤔.

Finally wondering about government activities. The public health departments in our region of Germany are still no connected with one software solution to exchange data. Due to the current workload there was no time for the necessary software installation and update - sounds like "you can't sharpen the axe because you still have so many trees to cut down". Then I had to fill out a government form, with the process/identification number on every page. They still did ask for their own name and address to be filled in, what was written on the letter header by the way 😉. Assuming some common sense in these environments is just too much I would say.

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As there have been ants on the picture today, two articles with a lot of insights that are related to the topic:

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"If ants are such busy workers, how come they find time to go to all the picnics?" -- Marie Dressler, American - Actress November 9, 1869 - July 28, 1934