16. May, 2021

The week 19-2021 highlights

Top highlight of the week is that I am back, or nearly back, to my all time high of the 5 weeks average of weekly readers of my Blog. It just took 40 weeks to get there again, but it was worth it and thanks a lot to you guys for being part of this journey. Very much appreciated 👍👍.

Tomorrow is a big day, as three new Interns will be starting in our department. Giving talents a chance and getting some outside perspective for the things we are doing in the moment. A Win-Win situation and maybe the basis for a longer term relationship going forward? In order to hand over the working equipment to our Interns, we will be meeting at the location in Duesseldorf.

In order to be well prepared and on the safe side, I did a COVID-19 self-test for the first time today. So far there was no need and request, as I am in the home office most of the time anyway. The test was pretty easy to follow and the result was negative, so all fine for the meeting with the new colleagues 😉.

Between some minor rain showers we did put together two raised garden beds outside. Taking a simple wooden compost maker improved with some weed fleece, another DIY. Filling the basis of the beds with greenery and branches did clean up the garden a lot. Another win-win situation 🤔.

Have a fun and productive week:

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