18. May, 2021

Celebrating the 9th German Diversity Day

German Diversity Day - Our society is diverse and so is our working world. The German Diversity Day is drawing attention with numerous actions - online and offline, for the workforce or for the public. The day of awareness brings the concept of diverse teams and Diversity Management aspects into the world of work. It takes place annually on the initiative of the Association Charta der Vielfalt e. V.

The page is offering a lot of good insights and supporting material. Just two examples below:

  1. Diversity: the online game --> Interesting questions and detailed explanation about the right answer
  2. Diversity Factbook. Positions – figures – arguments --> 71 pages full of content, knowledge and expertise

There is much more to find, have a look 🤔. And the Diversity topic goes well with my Motherhood and Agile posts. There are a lot of commonalities.

Another is one of my current tasks at work, to come up with a common and widely agreed definition for Innovation. After checking several definitions, a lot of articles in the Internet and gathering some feedback from two colleagues, here the current status:

Innovation is a bottom-up and iterative approach, using the latest technology with diverse and motivated teams, to implement something new, useful, and surprising that delivers value to the customer and company, by enhancing people’s lives.” -- Covers Agile and Diversity. What do you think? All comments and feedback is welcome.

  • TED Playlist: How to live with robots
  • To Kickstart a New Behavior, Copy and Paste
  • Locating Yourself - A Key to Conscious Leadership
  • Quantifying the opportunity in green hydrogen
  • A World Without Email: Reimagining Work in an Age of Communication Overload

P.S.: Just passed the #550k overall reader counter, only 5,555 left for the next big milestone. Get yourself ready 😎🤩👍, it is just another week to go ...