22. May, 2021

Looking beyond the obvious ...

INCIDENTAL COMICS: Getting Over, Words and Pictures by Grant Snider

The Eve Simon summit I mentioned two days ago - Moms Lead Change Summit - is currently planned for September 2021. It is planned to be an International event with 20+ speakers during 12 hours - "Motherhood is a boot-camp in leadership. The qualities and skills of moms are reflected in New Work requirements and the Agile Manifesto. The mindset of moms is steered by the well-being of next generations." More to come as soon as details will be available.

The title of today's Blog post was taken from a TED talk - Using the power of being different | TEDxBerlinSalon - of Janina Kugel. She could be a great speaker for the Summit, being the mother of twins and holding several Board member positions?

  • TED Playlist: How to notice and build joy into your life

P.S.: Only 1,541 readers to go for the #555,555 milestone and we have a long weekend coming up in Germany with next Monday off. Have fun and enjoy...