23. May, 2021

My week 20-2021 summary ...

Taken from The Eurovision Song Contest 2021 COVID-19 scenarios

My whole family has seen the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) yesterday evening, even the 21 and 17 year old daughters. The ESC is offering a wide variety of music styles, song content (e.g. domestic violence, hate speech in social media, relationship to a dead father, etc.) and different cultural backgrounds from 37 European countries. Australia (one or the largest fans of the ESC) and Israel are participating as well, but I do not count them as part of Europe 🤔.

Due to COVID-19 the ESC did not happen in 2020 and this year the city of Rotterdam did use the event for some large group testing with 3,000 people in the hall. The rules were very strict and one country had to stay in their hotel room during the final, due to a COVID-19 positive test result.

When you are interested in the songs of the 39 participants, you will find all details on the ESC homepage. In the final show 50% of the points are distributed by a professional jury in each of the 39 countries. The other 50% is coming from the audience in each country seeing the show on TV. Once again the audience had a different opinion than the experts and Italy did win in the end. And the audience is more interested in the music than the long lasting relationship between countries that is still seen, when the jury points are announced 🙃.

We just passed the #555,555 overall reader milestone 👍😀👍, thanks a lot for being a supporter of my BLOG. This is really helpful and motivating. The next milestone will be #600k, should be reached in the next 8 - 10 weeks. Looking forward to a 6 as the 1st digit of the counter.

Have a great next week and enjoy your day off tomorrow, if you have a bank holiday.

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Finally a great Sir David Attenborough story:

"If you collect 100 black ants and 100 red ants and put them in a glass jar, nothing will happen.
But if you take the jar, shake it violently and leave it on the table, the ants will start killing themselves. Red believes that black is the enemy, while black believes that red is the enemy, when the real enemy is the person who shook the jar.

The same is true of society.
Men vs Women - Black vs White - Faith vs Science - Young vs Old - Etc ...
Before we fight each other, we just ask ourselves: Who shook the jar?