24. May, 2021

Party on, another milestone passed ...

Yesterday 10:11 PM CEST we passed the #555,555 overall reader milestone. This time two candidates did battle to win the price 🤩👍. One was on the point, as you can see on the picture today, the other one was 3 readers late and did send me a picture of the counter at 555,558. Anyway thanks a lot for following the counter and sending the screenshots, very much appreciated. The price will follow, when the COVID-19 restrictions are getting more relaxed and we can meet in an outside beer garden again.

We have Whit Monday today, a bank holiday in Germany, and a local radio station is playing the Top 100 songs that have been collected and voted for in the last weeks. Really great music and a lot of the songs are from the last century and even millennium 😉. Want to check the list, see the WDR 2 Top 100. My favorites are from e.g. Earth Wind & Fire, Dire StraitsSupertramp, Queen, AC/DC, Prince and many more.

"Those who only know what they do, tend to work harder. Those who know why they do what they do, tend to work smarter." -- Simon Sinek

And since yesterday evening there is already another 1,000+ readers on the counter. Really great - thanks to my one-time, some-time, many-time and every-time readers 😎👍.