25. May, 2021

It is your time ...

Picture provided by Pixabay

Next week we will have another Data & Analytics break, but had no content yet besides the proposal of a participant - Time Management. My co-host did ask me today, if I would be able to prepare some slides, so I started to search around. The first results for you guys first 🤩.

The basic rules are easy to understand, but difficult to implement sometimes:

  • You are the owner of your time, if you do not manage it properly, other people will do it for you 😠
  • Your day only has 24 hours, as for everybody else. So do not waste time that you cannot get back during the day 🤔
  • Be open and honest with yourself!! Ask others for support, help, advice and good practices, if required
  • What works for you with respect to time management, must not work for your colleagues!!
  • Use Agile methods to manage your time, you could e.g use a personal Kanban board and only allow three tasks to be work in progress (WIP)
  • If you have some smart solutions, be a role model for time management - block slots in your calendar to work on your own tasks
  • Reduce a 1 hour meeting to 50 minutes - start 5 minutes past the hour until 5 minutes before the hour, to give everybody 10 minutes break between meetings in the end

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Use your time wisely!! 🤔👍