28. May, 2021

Have faith in yourself ...

Picture about Richard Branson provided by European Leadership on LinkedIn

Today is the Final of Dancing with the Stars in Germany, we call the show Let's Dance in typical German 🤩. The stars in the Final are a daily soap actress, a former soccer player from Island and the 1st Prince Charming in Germany.

The actress and the soccer player are dancing with a professional dancer couple, so some more family internal battle to win the final. Prince Charming as LGBT member is dancing with a male professional dancer. First time to see an all male pair in this German dance show. Looking forward to the 9 dances, will be interesting to see who will be in 1st place from the professional jury and later on when the audience will decide.

All 3 Stars need to have faith in themselves and have deserved to win as they did show really good dancing in the past shows already. My secret favorite is Prince Charming, who was already voted out once, but did come back due to the injury of another Star dancer. He has nothing to loose and will not be involved in the battle of the professional dancer couple 😎.

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