2. Jun, 2021

Timeboxing ...

Picture taken from Pixabay

Timeboxing is a simple time management technique that involves allotting a fixed, maximum unit of time for an activity in advance, and then complete the activity within that time frame. The concept was first introduced by James Martin, the author of the book Rapid Application Development, as a part of agile software development.

Today we had the OneTeam Break about Time Management that I did mention in my Blog post on 25-May-21. With 30+ participants it was a very interactive session. After a short introduction into the topic we did a 30 minute open discussion, asking questions and sharing good pratices. Shortly before the meeting I did add some figures to the presentation:

  • On average it takes 66 days to change a habit
  • The first 20 hours -- how to learn anything
  • 10,000-Hour Rule to become a master
  • In our company internal learning platform we have 2,200+ entries for time management

Some of the good pratices shared today are the following:

  • Do not use any pop-up notification for email or social media platforms, to avoid any interruption
  • Keep your Friday free of meetings
  • Block dedicated space in your calendar for tasks you want/need to work on
  • Store emails that are not directly addressed to you in a separate folder and do not read it immediately. Manage expectations of your colleagues with respect to this approach
  • Use the subject line of an email to shortly clarify your expectation from the recipient

The session was very well received and got a lot of positive feedback afterwards. Some of you might say Time Management is so basic this should be common knowledge already. But it is not, and especially during the home office times in the moment a regular repeat of "simple" habits is very helpful --> for e.g. 66 days 🤔.

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