6. Jun, 2021

My week 22-2021 summary

Picture provided by Simon Sinek on LinkedIn lately

Great clarification by Simon and perfect fit to the picture from yesterday 🤔.

The past week was full of motivation, innovation, inspiration, time management, enjoyment and fulfillment. Always good to learn something new and it will go on like this in the coming week.

A 5 day working week, no bank holidays anymore, with a fiscal year and objective setting kick off. A town hall meeting of the department and another Unique Selling Point (USP) training that I will be hosting for an international team. The USP training will be the warm up for Friday 18-Jun-21, when the whole Finance and Strategy department will have the first #learningfriday, when everybody will have the free time to learn something new or share some knowledge with other colleagues in the department. On the way to a learning organization. 

I am currently reading a book from Boris Grundl, called "Diktatur der Gutmenschen", means "Dictatorship of the do-gooders". In the paragraph that I did read this morning the Japanese Hikikomori phenomenon was mentioned. 

In the late 1990s, Japan collectively awoke to find that a large number of its adolescents and young adults were having almost no social contact at all, save for some communication with their families. It was called hikikomori (or ひきこもり in Japanese), meaning “pulling inward, being confined”. It was characterized as “acute social withdrawal”, or more colloquially — being a shut-in. Hikikomori essentially withdraw from social life without any underlying physical or mental condition.

Sounds a little bit like the lockdown situation for a lot of young people during COVID-19. Tadasu Takahashi had a similar idea in May-20. Luckily the COVID-19 situation is improving a lot, even in India where a lot of our colleagues and their families had been impacted lately.  

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