7. Jun, 2021

Be more optimistic and realistic ...

Another Incidental Comic by Grant Snider today

You possibly can relate to the following two scenarios?

  1. You have a "great" idea, but kill it already inside yourself before communicating it to the outside world. Because your Inner Critic is so strong. Kind of the good cop, bad cop situation and the bad cop wins.
  2. You are giving a presentation and are not really happy with your performance afterwards, as you were expecting much more. But the audience is coming to you after the event and congratulates you about content and delivery. Might be a combination of a too negative self-evaluation and a Blind Spot (see Johari Window) that you are not aware of?

“In the inner courtroom of my mind, mine is the only judgment that counts.” ― Nathaniel Branden

"Every age has its massive moral blind spots. We might not see them, but our children will." -- Bono

In my time management presentation last week Wednesday I mentioned the 20 hours training to get some knowledge and 10,000 hours rule to become a master (see my post from 02-Jun-21) example and used Excel as analogy. Not a good example as somebody mentioned during the event, when you are in the middle of an agile and digital transformation.

  • My example was that the average knowledge about Excel features is 5%, If you have a colleague with 10% knowledge this is 100% more than the average and a real "master", who is still lacking 90% of the capabilities.

My wife had some better examples that are less digital 😉:

  • If you only know basic chains when you crochet, you can't finish a potholder at all
  • And successfuly boiling water does not mean that you can compete with a star chef
  • Maybe you have some more ideas, if your inner critic is not too negative 🤔

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