11. Jun, 2021

Do less meetings ...

Picture taken from The 10 Ground Rules for Meetings

When you search for Meeting Rules as key word, you will find a nearly endless number of articles and pictures. If you avoid meetings as much as possible, your need for meeting rules will be reduced as well 🤔.

A little exaggeration could help here to reduce your burden from meetings.

  1. Use the Eisenhower Matrix to decide, if you participate in meetings (urgent and important) or invite people for your meetings
  2. Think about a simple business case for the meeting. The invest (number of participants * average hourly rate * planned duration of the meeting) versus the expected outcome or value for your company. If the invest is remarkably higher than the value, why should you spend the effort?

That a decreased number of meetings will reduce your overall stress level is another argument that you should keep in mind. Most people are not paid for following meeting rules as their expertise is in another area. Do, what you can do best and are paid for 👍😎.

  • The Future of Employee Engagement: The Case for The Happiness KPI™

"Meetings are a symptom of bad organization. The fewer meetings the better." -- Peter Drucker