13. Jun, 2021

The week 23-2021 highlights ...

Picture provided on LinkedIn last week

It is all about communication and the proper selection of words or sentences, as you can see on the picture today. Especially when you are only communicating via video conferences, due to the current home office situation.

Make use of established and well known practices, use more common sense and awareness for the situation or adjust your mindset a little bit, to make a positive change.  

My youngest daughter has her 18th birthday today. Really unbelievable how fast the time is going sometimes. "Yesterday" I was holding her for the first time after her birth, today she is 18 years old and fully accountable for herself now. I think we gave her good support to become an independent and self-responsible person, but we will find out in the coming years. Best wishes for the coming journey ...

Next week we have two more Interns starting on Wednesday and the #learningfriday event on Friday. Good to come back to the company location now and then. As the 100% home office policy is still valid until end of Jun-21. Plans afterwards are not fully clear yet, so far we expect that only 20% of the available office space can be used. But the COVID-19 vaccination at the location did start last Monday, so this might change the situation sooner than later. We will see 🤔.

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