17. Jun, 2021

Great Resignation?

Picture provided by European Leadership on LinkedIn today

To the following request: "My name is Andrew Seaman. I’m an editor at LinkedIn News. I reach out to people who I think can add informed perspectives about the ever-changing world of work.

The world is beginning to see some bright spots in its battle against COVID-19. As a result, many people are thinking of shaking up their careers as restrictions are lifted and economies improve. In fact, experts are predicting a “Great Resignation” due to people wanting to move on and try something new. ... We will be checking for posts using #TheBigShift to feature in my upcoming “Get Ahead” newsletter about growing your career."

Below my related post on LinkedIn today:

----| Quickly answering two questions from my experience:

What's your advice for people making a shift right now — whether it’s landing a new job or making a career pivot?
What's the best advice you've received when it comes to making a job move?  #TheBigShift

  1. You should always look for a large overlap of your personal and the PURPOSE or your company. A lot of people had been in home office for more than a year now. Good opportunity to get clarity about your own purpose and to see, how the purpose of your company did work in a crisis situation. If both are still a match, all fine. If not, you have to move on to stay happy.
  2. When you make a job move there is NO guarantee that it will be getting better, it will just be different and you basically start from scratch again. Always keep this in mind. People only change, when they see a personal benefit coming with the change. Money is an extrinsic motivator, this will not work forever. Purpose is intrinsic and will bring you forward and forward and forward ...

"The best place to invent the future is away from our desks." -- Simon Sinek |----

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And finally Jurgen Appelo is planning a new workshop for Sep-2021 - SHIFTUP: The Versatile Organization - worth checking out the first details.