18. Jun, 2021

A new - 5 week average - weekly reader record

The new average record is 6,208 a really impressive number. Thanks a lot for your support, very much appreciated.

#learningfriday today for the 1st time in our Finance and Strategy division. First thing in the morning I proposed to host the SHIFTUP: The Versatile Organization workshop from Jurgen Appelo that I mentioned yesterday in our company. To bring the agile teams a big step forward. Initial feedback was positive, we will see how it goes.

Then I finished one of the mandatory trainings that every employee has to do on a yearly basis. Finally I hosted two workshops for my colleagues:

  1. The Unique Selling Point (USP) workshop with 67 participants. It did go really well and the final feedback was 4.8/5 possible points. In the meantime I did host this workshop for 180+ people in the company.
  2. The Elevator Pitch workshop with 8 participants. A small round that gave everybody the opportunity to pitch a story and to get feedback from the other participants. The feedback was even better 5/5 possible points. I assume as it was much more interactive and personal.

Below a diverse list of links to start the weekend:

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  • Why You Should Ask Your People About Returning After They’ve Returned to the Office
  • Megan Rapinoe is joining Victoria's Secret in what the lingerie giant is calling a "dramatic shift" for the brand
  • Video: Smells Like Scrum Spirit 🤔