20. Jun, 2021

My week 24-2021 summary

Brain/mind picture provided by Pixabay

In my USP workshop that I hosted during the #learningfriday last week, we always start with a short introduction exercise. Everybody has to select three pictures to describe her-/him-self, without any words. An interesting task to quickly think about yourself, find three key words and the best possible picture as representation. And this all in 10 minutes. One participant, a woman, selected the brain picture to describe that she has a busy brain/mind running a lot of activities and thoughts in parallel.

When I told my wife about this example she recognized this picture and state of mind as well. So we came quickly into a discussion about differences between women and men 🤔. "A man's brain is more like a straight street with as junction now and then" was her comment. There are differences for sure, but definitely very individual.

Today we have the 1st time our ballroom dancing training again after 8 month lockdown. Will be interesting to see, what is still left in the consciousness and subconsciousness areas of the brain 😎.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, I will 👍. 

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