21. Jun, 2021

World Wellbeing Week: June 21 – June 30

Picture taken from Ad of the Day: Ikea bottles Ronaldo’s anti-Coca-Cola stance

Creative advertisement and fast reaction of IKEA to use the hype after the Ronaldo press conference last Monday on 14-Jun-21.

World Wellbeing Week looks closer at the 5 ways of Wellbeing. The 5 Ways to Wellbeing are Connect, Get Active, Be Mindful, Keep Learning, Give to Others.

World Wellbeing Week is observed annually from June 21 to June 30. It originated in 2019 in Jersey, the Channel Islands, as a local event to promote wellbeing. Now, it has evolved into a global initiative that brings together numerous people, organizations, and NGOs. World Wellbeing Week recognizes and appreciates professional practitioners, charities, and social enterprises who are working towards helping people achieve wellbeing and lead a better quality of life.

"If we try to secure the well-being of others, we will, at the same time, create the conditions for our own." -- Dalai Lama

Enjoy the first summer week and keep an eye or two on your wellbeing. Enough details above 🤔👍😉.