26. Jun, 2021

About young talents ...

Picture by Pixabay

Had to take a short break yesterday as my 2nd COVID-19 vaccination had some more side effects than the 1st one.

Yesterday I had a short meeting with a colleague about how to get more interaction between the 10+ Interns in our department and to give them a more being at home feeling during the 100% home office situation. Not an easy task as you can come up with a lot of ideas and plans, but all requires some participation and motivation of the Interns, what is not easy these days.

We agreed to try different ideas to see during the journey, what works well. Attracting young talent is key for success, especially in the moment when more and more companies from different industries are searching for e.g. software development expertise in the market. Example for today is the Automotive Industry - see How Software Will Dominate the Automotive Industry - and how Volkswagen for example is making this reality with Faculty 73. "You don’t have to be an IT expert to digitalise the world of cars with us. That’s because we’ll train you to be one – and in just two years too. Our Faculty 73 is a programme that can train you to become a genuine software developer."

Daimler announced last week to establish a software academy to train its own developers and provide continuing education for thousands of employees. They announced earlier this year that they are looking for 3,000 software experts.

Seems to be a promising model. Re-train and upskill the own employees and becoming very attractive for talents from outside of the company. Making a difference is key in the "war for talent". 

The colleague I was talking with about the Interns was also part of the organization team of our #learningfriday. So I had the chance to see some details of the employee feedback after the session. In the free comment section some people praised my USP and Elevator Pitch workshops, what was great to hear on top of the feedback I directly collected after the sessions 👍🤔.

“Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work.” ― Stephen King, taken from 60 Talent Quotes That Will Inspire You to Shine