27. Jun, 2021

The week 25-2021 highlights

Great Grant Snider picture about Summertime

Had a great summertime day with my wife today. We made a bicycle tour in the surroundings of our city, down to the river Rhine and then having a small afternoon snack in the old town of Monheim am Rhein. Just sitting down outside as we did it before the COVID-19 days. Monheim am Rhein is a city with a lot of money that they are spending for interesting attractions sometimes. Like the Geyser and their driverless small bus.

Found an intersting add-on to the Internship topic from yesterday, how some companies manage their digital  transformation 😉. 

No ballroom dancing this week as the trainer team is on holiday for two weeks, but our performance after 8 month break was as expected. Everything what was already in the subconscious mind was available without any issue, the rest was gone. Opportunity for new learning 🤔.

Have a great sunny and productive next week. Some interesting material to look at:

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“Just living is not enough … one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.” – Hans Christian Andersen, taken from Summer quotes