1. Jul, 2021

Innovation is coming ...

Picture taken from Visual Capitalist - Long Waves: The History of Innovation Cycles

Today I will be going to my table tennis training again, the first time after 8 month closure. Crazy times 🤔.

On Tuesday our global HR lead communicated the upcoming changes, based on the COVID-19 learnings. Much more work flexibility with respect to country, location, time and workspace design on the one side. And introducing Spirit days, regular meeting free days focused on wellbeing, connection and personal growth as a 2nd change. Sounds really great and I am looking forward to it a lot.

To support this initiative our CEO had a short discussion with the Microsoft CEO about new hybrid ways of working. The three areas - People, Places and Processes - need to change and wellbeing comes into the focus. Companies can be successful by helping the world to improve, be purpose-lead. Some more Microsft insights for Navigating the complexities of hybrid work together here.

And as I mentioned yesterday: "Adjust your fixed mindset around your benefit and value definition/expectation for personal change" - this will help a lot in the new Hybrid Work environments.

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