3. Jul, 2021

Here we go again ...

The final two certificates in the Agility & Innovation Qualification  program of SHIFTUP.

After finishing the Professional level back in Mar-21 I did take a break to focus on other stuff 🤩. As the Check Where You Are list is only showing the total player scores of the last 3 month, I did go down from the 2nd to 25th place in the meantime. All fine - no work no glory -  but today I started to look into the available material for the EXPERT level in more detail.

In the good Engineering 👍😉 mindset I did 1st search for the already available material - reuse before own work - what is not a lot, but helpful to give it a start. Main activity on the Expert level will be to suggest new material or to host sessions and develop content on your own. Like a real Expert 🤔. Looking foward to the additional challenge.

"Challenges make you discover things about yourself that you never really knew." -- Unknown

Some examples of the material I have checked today:

  • How to Paint the World
  • How to find a wonderful idea | OK Go
  • How Value Stream Mapping can speed up your cycle time from years to weeks

--- and some other interesting material:

  • How Ecosia became the world’s biggest non-for-profit search engine
  • INCIDENTAL COMICS: Words and Pictures by Grant Snider - Sunlight
  • Branson To One-Up Bezos By Flying To Space July 11