8. Jul, 2021

About Learning ...

Words and Pictures by Grant Snider for INCIDENTAL COMICS

Riding a bike is a great analogy for any kind of learning, and the good thing is nearly everybody can relate to it.

You experiment, you fail, you hopefully learn something out of the failure and improve in incremetal steps by repeating, repeating, repeating ... - what we call training.

As mentioned in my 02-Jun-21 post about Timeboxing, you nead 20 hours to learn something and 10,000 hours to become a real master in it. So if the Tour de France is your long-term target, you should be planning the 10k hours, if you just want to ride a bike 20 hours will do for the start. For kids even less 😎.

England vs. Italy is the UEFA EURO 2020 final on Sunday, sorry for the team from Denmark. England was overall the better team, but the decisive penalty was a joke and a really bad decision of the referee.

Less than 5k readers to go for the #600k milestone, we are getting there faster than expected. Keep watching the counter 👍🙃.

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