10. Jul, 2021

Done is better than perfect ...

Picture with a quote from Mark Batterson

"Done is better than perfect" -- Sheryl Sandberg, see also 23 Reasons Why Done Is Better Than Perfect?

The final race is on for the 1st Space Tourism flight between Richard Branson and Virgin Galactic on the one side and Jeff Bezos and Blue Origin on the other side. Looks like Branson is in the lead, just another 17.5 hours to go until his planned start date. There are only three questions left from my perspective:


  1. Are the planned flights high enough in the air to be really in Space? "Today, the commonly agreed-upon definition of where space begins is around 100 kilometers (62 miles). It's also called the von Kármán line. Anyone who flies above 80 km (50 miles) in altitude is usually considered an astronaut, according to NASA."
  2. Are the participants really tourists? "Tourist - Is anyone who travels to places other than the one in which is his habitual residence, outside of their everyday environment, for a period of at least one night but not more than one year and whose usual purpose is different from the exercise of any remunerated activity in the place to which he goes."
  3. Does this idea make any sense for a wider community of people and from a ecological and sustainability perspective? Not everything, what is technically possible and desirable makes sense.

We will watch the outcome of the race, hopefully all will be going smoothly.

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