12. Jul, 2021

The day after the final ...

Picture of the Italy coach provided by European Leadership

Congratulations to the team from Italy for winning the UEFA EURO 2020 title and cup yesterday late evening. 

England did reach the UEFA EURO final for the 1st time in their history, but overall I assume they are pretty disappointed in the end. Too much pressure, expectations,  euphoria and too less realistic evaluation of the situation. The last title win was 55 years back, World Cup winner 1966 in London. The Queen could still remember very well that she did hand over the Cup back then 😎.

When you have a strong phobia and fear of the penalty kicks, the English team really has a lot of bad experience from the past, you should approach it differently for this 1st time chance after 55 years to get a title. Win the game in the official 90 minutes or latest in overtime and do not wait for penalty kicks in the end, just to avoid too much risk. This could only go bad and it did in the end.

The English coach with a personal penalty kick legacy did bring two new players, penalty experts, in the last of 120 minutes, to improve the situation for the team. Surprisingly the UEFA EURO Cup final situation after 120 minutes and a 4 weeks tournament is differently than during training time 🤔. Both failed and a 3rd one as well. Italy wins and England keeps the phobia. Bad coaching and leadership from my perspective, but I am not the soccer expert 🙃.

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"Even the best teams, there are times during the year when you cannot win, and you don't know why. Maybe you are unlucky; you make chances, and you cannot score." -- Roberto Mancini,  Italian - Athlete Born: November 27, 1964