16. Jul, 2021

For a job well done ...

Free picture by Pixabay

The UBports community members have delivered another Ubuntu Touch release, OTA-18, on Wednesday this week. A great job done by a Growing International Network of Volunteers working on a Mobile Version of the Ubuntu (Linux) Operating System 👍👍👍.

YES there are alternatives to Android, iOS and e.g. HarmonyOS to run mobile phones, but it is a pretty small percentage. Most people do not even know that they have a choice, but it requires some technical interest and the willingness to restrict yourself to a smaller number of available apps and functionality. Kind of a voluntary digital detox by limiting yourself to, what is really essential. Do you know 🤔?

Next big milestone will be the upgrade of Ubuntu Touch to Ubuntu 20.04 that will be supported until Apr-2025. Looking forward to more great work from the UBports community members.

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