19. Jul, 2021

Surprise Garden workout ...

Doe Zantamata quote provided by European Leadership

To explain the circumstances - for several years we have leased the garden plot next to our own property now. The squirrels are very active there and hide nuts and other tree fruits for the winter time. Over the years several trees did grow along the garden fence, some very close to the house behind the fence.

Today afternoon the neighbor was complaining that one branch of a tree was touching the gutter close to his window on the 2nd floor. He wanted us to fix the problem as we maintain the ground with the tree. This was the moment, when the surprise garden workout started. How do you cut a tree that is ~5 meters high. I had a good saw and my wife's strategy was to avoid using a ladder. It is safer not to fall down, just for the happiness of the neighbor 🤔.

1st I did cut some of the small branches to get a better overview which branch to cut, to solve the problem. When I found the right branch I just had to find a way to saw it without destroying the fence, the garden, the gutter and all the other surroundings. A notch on the side to which the branch should fall and then sawing the rest from the other side. All did go well, no ladder, nothing broken and the neighbor can sleep again. Cleaning up the garden was the rest of the workout. Really great after the whole day behind the desk 👍.

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“If you ever lack the motivation to train, then think what happens to your mind and body when you don’t.” -- Shifu Yan Lei, Master from the Shaulin Temple, taken from workout quotes