22. Jul, 2021

Work with feedback

Picture taken from Ranked: The Most Innovative Companies in 2021

Amazon is #3 on the list. When Jeff Bezos thanked his employees and customers for making his excursion into space happen last Tuesday, not everybody gave positive feedback. The working conditions are not accepted everywhere and the power of Amazon, even more during the COVID-19 phase, is seen very critical by a lot of people. And we are not even talking about the Amazon tax payment policies and if space tourism makes sense at all. Both topics are not an Amazon only issues, but need a wide variety of feedback.

But - At 82 years old, aviation pioneer Wally Funk finally made it to space. According to Space.com, this makes her the oldest person to ever fly in space. An interesting story back from the 1960's when she wanted to be part of the NASA space program. Fully motivated to become the 1st woman astronaut, but she had to wait until 2021.

Another feedback related topic is the Free Dot Collector app for Zoom. Introduced by Ray Dalio and going back to his TED Talk 7 years ago. Check it out, might be a good extension to your Zoom environment?

"There are two types of decisions: good decisions and lessons learned." -- Simon Sinek


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