25. Jul, 2021

The week 29-2021 highlights ...

Comparison of the three raised garden beds after 8 weeks, last picture was shared in week 21-2021. The pumpkins are growing like crazy and cover a large part of the garden in the meantime.

Had a busy weekend. Yesterday my mother's birth party, 1st time that the whole family had been together in one restaurant in the last 15+ month. Today the ballroom dancing training, 2nd time after the long COVID-19 break. And as expected, everything what is still in the subconscious mind is readily available to be used, the rest is more or less gone. So a little bit like bicycle riding.

During the party my father was asking, if I could recommend him a smartphone. So far he has managed 80+ years well without a smartphone. I had three kind of proposals,  smartphones dedicated for seniors, two phones that are well known for the sustainability (Fairphone and Shiftphone) and finally a list of phones below 300€. 

Next week I will be proceeding with the new communication strategy at work. Besides the activity we are planning for Oct-21 (a Meetup event as kick-off for a new communication approach) I am now offering a daily 5 minute learning experience. Different ideas and articles to motivate people to read or look deeper into the topics provided. Will be interesting to see, how it will be used by the people and if feedback will be provided 🤔.

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