27. Jul, 2021

Different perspectives count ...

Picture taken from Comic Agile'. These guys are really providing a lot of great and funny material, have a look 😉. 

The Scrum Master is the first example for my topic today and how different perspectives can be, depending on where you are.

Next one is the current shit storm around the Norwegian women's beach handball team and the required dress code by the European handball federation. Pink offers to cover the team fine. No flexibility versus women power.

Finally a short Simon Sinek video "Liking" Your Job vs. LOVING Your Job, featuring the same employee working for two different hotels. Really interesting storyline 👍🤔.

"Profit comes as a result of being good at what we do. Trust comes as a result of being good at why we do it." -- Simon Sinek

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P.S.: The new 5 week average of my weekly reader number is now 6,285. 77 more than in the previous 5 weeks 😎.