4. Aug, 2021

Able to work under pressure ...

I am using the DeepL Translator to sometimes translate phrases between German and English, to be on the correct side. The tool is also offering a Thesaurus functionality and an alternative for Resilient is Able to work under pressure 😎.

First holiday today and we did visit a nice town close by with the BEN­RATH PALACE AND CASTLE. The benefit of this short trips is you do not need a hotel, plan the trip, pack your suitcase and take care of proper COVID-19 testing when you come back 🤩, because it is just round the corner and you can easily decide in the morning, what you want to do during the day. Tomorrow we will find another place to visit.

"Resilience is a precious skill. People who have it tend to also have three underlying advantages: a believe that they can influence life events; a tendency to find meaningful purpose in life’s turmoil; and a conviction that they can learn from both positive and negative experiences." -- Amanda Ripley

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