5. Aug, 2021

Change over time?

Pictures found on Pixabay

A nice and interesting way to do introductions is the 3 picture exercise. Describe yourself with just 3 pictures and no text. Not that easy, because you first have to find a word that is describing you pretty good, before you can search for a picture with it. And when you then just have 10 minutes, it can be a little bit of pressure for some people. I use this icebreaker pretty often, in my workshops at work as well as my teaching lessons in schools.

The three pictures on the left are the ones I normally use to describe myself. Building bridges between different teams or interest groups. The ear for being a good listener, a kind of slow starter checking the environment first before taking action, more introverted than extroverted. And finally the cube, being German and an engineer means a lot of structure (numbers, facts and figures) and straight lines, but also some corners end edges when you become older 🤔.

During breaks or quiet minutes (e.g. under the shower) I am currently thinking about my keynote speech in Sep-21 - Views of a Baby Boomer ... -  and did ask myself, if the pictures did change over time from my early youth until today? In school and sports I was always the guy building the bridges between different groups of kids and playing the setter  position in my Volleyball team, distributing the ball and running the offense. No real change there.

Most of the time I was pretty introverted (the good listener and being reserved), only during sports this could easily change to a more extroverted behavior, and this is still the case 🤩. And finally the cube still fits as well - being structured, precise, accurate - I did like Mathematics a lot, but also had interests in History and was good at Sports, what is not the mainstream combination.

In summary my foundation was laid early and I did improve a lot in presentation skills and emotional intelligence (EQ) over time. Building other useful bridges ...