13. Aug, 2021

Holiday work ...

Picture provided by Pixabay

Yesterday I did some preparation work to paint our garden house today. Wood and rain water do not really work well together, so I had to fix some planks first. Then I painted 3 sides of the house two times. As long as you are busy all is fine, but in the moment you take a break or finish the work for the day, the first pain is coming up. Hand work is really a great way to relax and to free up the mind, but it is an unusual activity for office/desk workers 🤔. 

Besides all the fun and the satisfaction to see results quickly, it is also a confirmation for the decision not to become a craftsman and do this kind of work every day for a long period of time to make a living 👍. Tomorrow we will take care of the other garden house in the rented garden, all preparation work was done today.

Another topic is the article from Lindsey Tramuta that I did read in the Fortune Magazine this week about PARIS PAST & FUTURE. The story is about LVMH's LA SAMARITAINE - "La Samaritaine  (Creation date: 1870), a much-loved iconic edifice situated in the heart of Paris, is undergoing a bold and innovative renovation project in preparation for its much-anticipated renaissance."

Why should somebody (in this case LVMH) invest 500 Million Euros just to renovate a department store, in a time with e.g. COVID-19 lockdowns, younger generations preferring online shopping and Amazon with a worth of currently $1.7 trillion? The final result after the renovation will be a smaller department store (with 650 exclusive brand stores), some office space, some apartments and a Hotel in the center of Paris.

Do rich or richer people really behave differently with respect to face-to-face versus online shopping? A good question that not a lot of people really have a good answer for. LVMH seems to have a vision they want to put their money on, time will tell 🤔.

"I think in business, you have to learn to be patient. Maybe I'm not very patient myself. But I think that I've learned the most is be able to wait for something and get it when it's the right time." -- Bernard Arnault, CHAIRMAN AND CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER LVMH

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