16. Aug, 2021

Doing things differently ...

Albert Einstein picture and quote taken from AZ Quotes

Two examples to support the Einstein quote.

1st you have to avoid plastic waste at the beginning of the chain by using smarter solutions or different materials. But this is not solving the problem at the end that does already exist in oceans of the world!! So cleaning up the existing mess is another step to be taken. See one example - Meet The Manta, A Giant Catamaran That Cleans Up The Oceans.

2nd example is an initiative that just took off in Germany - Many young people have understood that the federal election in Germany on September 26 is the last chance to stop the climate crisis with real political action and are campaigning for it. The only problem is: young people don't decide an election. Because while those under 30 are only 15% of eligible voters, those over 60 make up 38%. So grandma and grandpa decide whether there will remain a policy of "business as usual," of egoism and lobbyist, or whether there will be a policy of genuine climate-friendly departure. The idea of a few celebrities is great and relies on one of the oldest and most successful means of communication of mankind: the letter (on real paper, written with a pen). Following website and video are only in German:

Great idea and initiative to break INSANITY 👍. More links for doing things differently:

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