17. Aug, 2021

Helping hands ...

Picture taken from Ikram Rana on Twitter. More details about the 9 open minded people on LinkedIn, just in case you are interested.

In general I am trying to get back to the real source of an article or picture, but even an image search with Google did not really help to come to one unique result 🤔. I even did find a different kind of picture 😎. Anyway image search is a cool function to use.

Tomorrow my wife and I will start for a short vacation until Saturday, just to another German federal state close by to our home one. The kids will stay at home, as the youngest one will start her last year at school tomorrow as well and the middle one will support her with lunch and dinner every day and some mental encouragement when we are away 🤩. 

In order to have the chance to write some Blog posts 😉 during the absence, I had to buy an adapter cable today, to connect a USB keyboard to my mobile phone mini-USB slot. Just to make use of the build in Convergence (Imagine linking your mobile device to a monitor, mouse and keyboard and having it instantly transformed into a desktop experience. With Ubuntu Touch you only need one device) feature in my Ubuntu Touch operating system. The first test today was really promising and did work as expected.

Some helping material to overcome spare time 🤔:

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