29. Aug, 2021

My week 34-2021 summary

Picture taken from Tanmay Vora from Designing Our Work: 5 Factors That Drive Job Satisfaction

Just watching the 1st TRIELL (a duel with three people 😉) on TV, the three potential successor of Angela Merkel in a discussion round together as preparation for our Germany election coming on 26-Sep-21. Two men are members of the parties in the current government, the only woman is in an opposition party. In most of the topics the two men want to proceed with the current approach, the woman is pushing for a real change and wants to create an alternative offer. We will see how it goes in the end, in the moment the woman is keeping up well with the two guys.

Tomorrow the holiday of our CEO will be finished and he will start the every Monday Townhall talk with a topic that all people are desperately waiting for. How do we plan to work in the future Hybrid environment, with 20% of the time in the office and the rest of the time at home. Will be called Future Ready and has been agreed between the leadership team, human resources and the works council. Details will be interesting to see.

For my keynote speech on 27-Sep-21 we will be clarifying the technical circumstances and restrictions next week, the presentation has to be ready one week before the event. In the moment I am making good progress with my story line, but there are still some days to go, so all relaxed. The technical possibilities are especially necessary to know for the interactive section with the audience after the presentation part. I will be waiting for the final clarification before I decide which idea to realize.

“If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.” -- Henry David Thoraeu, philosopher

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