5. Sep, 2021

The week 35-2021 highlights

On the picture you see the ruin on top of the Drachenfels. I have taken it today during our family event. Great weather, great temperature and a really great lunch with the family, sitting outside in the sun. Face masks only when you are moving around in the restaurant or garden, nearly as in the before COVID-19 times.

Tomorrow evening we do have a pre-briefing of the technical possibilities for my keynote speech on 27-Sep.21. Will be good to know as the expectation is to have an interactive part with the audience besides the presentation and Q&A part.

For our Data & Analytics Meetup on 04-Oct-21 we are in the finishing phase to clarify the Purpose as basis for our story line. We will be using the Simon Sinek TED talk around the Golden Circle as reference and motivation. 

“You can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him.” -- Simon Sinek, taken from 39 Awe-Inspiring Quotes From Simon Sinek

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