7. Sep, 2021

More happiness

Picture provided by AGrassoBlog on TW and Adioma

A good collection of different focus areas just select, what works best for you 🤔.

Yesterday we had the technical introduction for the Mind Factory event, where I will be giving my keynote speech. The only interaction possibility with the audience will be SLIDO for keynote speakers. I will have to adjust my slides accordingly, to get a good balance between information sharing and gathering audience feedback and questions.

Some interesting material below that more or less can help with happiness:

  • This Robot Can Generate Water On Mars
  • Adam Grant: How to stop languishing and start finding flow
  • 7 Books That Will Help You Make Any Tough Decision
  • Seth Godin: Intentional connection in the digital office
  • Calculate Carbon Footprint: Find YOUR Eco Footprint in Real Time
  • Carbon Offsets Explained: Reduce Emissions and Erase Your Ecological Footprint (Complete Guide)
  • 7 Things Fabulous Listeners Do Differently
  • 5 Tips for Leveraging Flex-Work Options in Your Hiring Strategy
  • SHIFTUP: flOwKRs - Objectives and Key Results in Flow