10. Sep, 2021

About the keynote speech ...

Picture taken from the Moms Who Lead Summit page

Getting closer to the weekend. Today I finished the main work on my Keynote Speech - Perspectives of a Baby Boomer, Doing the right things right. Some minor fine tuning is still required and I have to take some notes, what to tell for each page. As I had no experience with giving a keynote speech so far, I tried to best balance the expectations of the audience - by reading or hearing the title - with the story and content I wanted to tell and share.

I started with a high level structure and story line, small boxes on one page covering the key statements for a block of 1 - 3 slides each. When all boxes were hashed out I knew that I covered the whole story. Some of the topics I will be talking about are - Industry 1.0 to 5.0, Change, Comfort Zone, War for Talent, Motherhood - Leadership - Agile, favorite quotes and the advice to my younger self - enough to fill 90 minutes I assume 🤔.

"Expand yourself, even if you are sure where you are going. Learn something totally unrelated to your passion. Visit a place you wouldn’t normally go. A flexible mind and attitude will take you very far and allow you to handle the uncertainties in life." -- taken from 34 Tips for Your Younger Self

  • TED Talk: A sci-fi vision of life in 2041
  • TED Playlist: How to invest in social good
  • What needs to change? That’s easy. How and when is the hard part.
  • Sketchnoting as a Gateway to a Creative Life

"Assign tasks and people will work for you. Assign responsibility and people will work for themselves." -- Simon Sinek