11. Sep, 2021

Women and Leadership

Picture provided by Management 3.0

Did find the Management 1.0 to 3.0 comparison on LinkedIn today. From Command and Control to a more Servant Leadership model, based on trust and respect. I was immediately remembered to my articles about Motherhood, Leadership and Agile from May of this year. It does also fit well to the MOMS WHO LEAD Summit that is getting a lot of attention lately.

On top of this I did find the PEW RESEARCH CENTER - Women and Leadership 2018 Report that is showing a lot of interesting numbers. Looks like women are on a promising path already, but there is still a long journey to go. Check out the report, if you are interested.

Besides that I had a good idea for the last slide of my keynote speech. Two (Agneta and Benny) of the four ABBA members are born 1946 or later, so they are Baby Boomer like me. Their new VOYAGE approach, after being away for 40 years, is exactly the right mindset in a workplace with 5 generations. Know your personal needs, expectations and boundaries well and support your colleagues (or in the case of ABBA the fans and future audience) as good as possible with the technology that is available in the meantime. Will be fun and a surprising finish, do not tell anybody 🙃.

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