19. Sep, 2021

The week 37-2021 highlights ...

Picture of Chili peppers taken on our balcony today.

The picture was taken with intention today, because the "hot" phase is starting in the coming week.

I have to deliver the slides for my keynote speech (scheduled 27-Sep-21) tomorrow. The MOMS WHO LEAD Summit with the father panel, that I am participating in, is on Thursday (23-Sep-21). On Friday we have the 1st Dry-Run of our Data & Analytics Meetup (happening 04-Oct-21), to check slides, content and timing for the whole agenda. And yesterday I started to update the school workshop slides for their Theme week on 08-Oct-21.

Another week to go until the Germany government election on 26-Sep-21. The last TV-Triell (the 3 applicants for the Chancellor's Office plus two moderators) will be starting in 4 minutes. One of the last chances on TV to somehow influence the large group of undecided voters (1/3 what is around 20 million people). We will see how it goes, short reaction and answer to questions is a different way of communication than a prepared speech that is 45 minutes or more.

I had the chance today morning to see two speeches on TV, given on party conventions that were used to motivate the members for the final week of their election campaigns. Really interesting to follow, how the two candidates did structure their speech, covered their main topics and motivated the people in the room and on the screens watching. Will be an interesting final week, looking forward to the outcome next Sunday. And the final election result will just be the beginning for a long time of Coalition negotiations, as three parties will have to work together to get a majority in the parliament 🤔.

"So many people from your past know a version of you that no longer exists anymore. Growth is beautiful" -- Sign with quote provided by Vintage Vivids 

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P.S.: Just another 6,250 readers to go to reach the next milestone at #666,666 overall readers. Will just be another week 👍😉.