21. Sep, 2021

Learn from good examples ...

It took some time to find the real source of the picture, but here we go --> The bosses we remember...

As mentioned in my 11-Feb-21 Post, "During my career I had the opportunity and pleasure to work with many women in CMO, CIO and CEO roles. In my current company I only had women supervisors so far, the first one even gave me a chance to start a new position with age 55. And in the senior management team I am working with a diverse group of remarkable women in department lead roles. A lot of fun and great opportunities to learn for all involved parties."

Based on this the advice to my younger self would be - Copy and Transfer the behavior of good bosses to your own environment and find smart alternatives for bad behavior, if you see it.

To find the right reference article today I did make use of the fact that I have all my BLOG Posts collected in eBooks by year. When you know, what to search for, it is easy in a PDF document 🤔. And less than 3,000 readers to go for the next #666,666 milestone, keep reading. Very much appreciated 👍.

"But it’s important, while we are supporting lessons in respecting others, to remember that many of our youngest kids need to learn to respect themselves. You learn your worth from the way you are treated." -- Anna Quindlen, taken from 50 Great Remember Quotes

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