22. Sep, 2021

Tomorrow is the MOMS WHO LEAD Summit

More details about the summit at Hopin (detailed agenda at the end of the page), picture taken from MOMs Lead Group on LinkedIn

07.00 - 08.00 PM CEST: A male perspective on 'Moms Who Lead' (Panel). Three high executive male professionals from Nestle, Vodafone and Marienhaus Group will share their perspective on why we need moms in leadership roles, why we don't see mothers on the top and what needs to change to thrive for sustainable growth including mothers voices.

As the summit tomorrow will be all about learning and sharing experiences and perspectives, a quick reference to my daily initiative at work, called the 5-minute learnings. Every day I am sharing interesting and diverse articles, infographics, sketchnotes, pictures and opinions, to give the consumers a 5 minute break and a good feeling afterwards. This has two advantages, some marketing for our Data & Analytics Meetup page and a reuse of the material I use in my BLOG as well. "I see, the lazy engineer again - smart reuse before starting new stuff 😎, yes why not".

"Creation always involves building upon something else. There is no art that doesn't reuse. And there will be less art if every reuse is taxed by the appropriator." -- Lawrence Lessig, taken from Top 25 Reuse Quotes

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P.S.: Just another 2,000 readers to go for the next milestone. Keep reading 🤔 !!