26. Sep, 2021

My week 38-2021 summary

Picture taken from Liz and Mollie on Instagram

Great week with passing a new milestone 👍😎, more to come.

Today was election day, finally. The two parties of the current government coalition are between 1 - 2% away from each other and both have not been selected by nearly 75% of all voters. Both will need another two smaller parties to have enough seats for the majority in the parliament and they do not really plan to work together again for another 4 years. Too much pain until now.

After the last election in 2017 it did take 5 month to build a new government, hopefully this time it will be much faster? Best approach could be that the two smaller parties try to find as much as possible commonalities and compromises to work together for 4 years and then select one of the two parties from the current government to join them. Is not the standard approach, but as we have to make some drastic changes anyway to save the environment, why not start with a new practice right away. We will see ...

Tomorrow morning is my Keynote Speech, really looking forward to it 😉. Will be my first time to do this, but there must be always a first time to get used to a new experience and to grow some new expertise. 

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