27. Sep, 2021

The day after ...

Sketch by Simon Banks

As proposed yesterday, the two smaller parties will start to initiate exploratory talks as soon as possible. As both are furthest apart based on their election program they have to find a common ground first before any other discussion makes any sense. The two possible candidates for chancellor might not like this, but they have no other choice, if they do not plan to work together again for another 4 years.

I did use the theme on the picture during my keynote speech today. “Be the change you want to see in the world.” --> a quote that is not from Ghandi, as assumed by a lot of people. It all starts with yourself - in a plane with the oxygen masks and for any personal change - do not find excuses 🤔.

The keynote was a great experience for me, well in time for the 90 minutes planned, a good level of interaction with the audience that was very much appreciated, and interesting questions during the Q&A section. A friend of mine that did see the speech gave me some helpful feedback that I will follow for the next time 👍.

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