2. Oct, 2021

Happy weekend ...

Picture provided by Oxford Leadership on LinkedIn

"Moving forward, it will be important to maintain the benefits of working from home while still enabling employees and companies to build and sustain their social and intellectual capital." -- World Happiness  Report 2021 (page 186)

Yesterday our Future Ready initiative started, the Full Flex Office for every employee. Free choice of home-office between 0 and 100% as long as you want and even from where ever you want for 20 working days per year. A great level of trust and respect that is not common in a lot of companies.   

Next Monday will be our 1st Data & Analytics Meetup, a new way of customer centric communication, much more story telling with emotions and less facts and figures. Our 2nd dry-run last Friday did go really well and did show some promising insights. Will be interesting to see how the audience likes the new approach and what the feedback will be after the event. A lot of people leaving their comfort zones for a better customer experience 😎👍.

Tomorrow I will finish the presentation for my school workshop scheduled for 08-Oct-21. Some updates and new content in the slides are required as the 2020 workshop could not happen due to the COVID-19 rules at schools. Looking forward to the workshop and the participants. One of the questions I ask is "which topics are currently important for you", the answer might be very different than 2 years ago. I will find out 🤔.

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Have a great weekend ...