3. Oct, 2021

The week 39-2021 highlights

Picture taken from Comic Agile referencing the Management 3.0 Delegation Poker practice.

Management 3.0 is a good keyword, as Jurgen Appelo the inventor and founding father of this initiative will be in Duesseldorf with my company for the coming three days. Tomorrow he will be our special guest and surprise keynote speaker during the Data & Analytics meetup. On Tuesday and Wednesday he will be hosting his new The Versatile Organization workshop with a diverse group of people. Agile experts and newbies together in one room, will be interesting to see, I am really looking forward to the learning experience. 

As planned I could finish the slides for my school workshop (next Friday) today. I found interesting material to update the content to a 2021 version. Main part of the interactive workshop will be the possibility to create a simpleshow explainer video. The platform is offering an artificial intelligence supported way of quickly producing videos, a good fit to the digital transformation topic of the workshop.

"A lot of times, the failings are not in AI. They’re human failings, and we’re not willing to address the fact that there isn’t a lot of diversity in the teams building the systems in the first place." -- Vivienne Ming | Founder and Executive Chair, Socos taken from 32 Quotes  About Artificial Intelligence from Industry Experts

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